⭐Please welcome AD:VENTURE to We Are Wakefield⭐

AD:VENTURE provides ambitious new business owners with a tailored programme of support to help you grow your business to its full potential.


What does that support include?

The programme will provide access to a dedicated Business Manager who can guide you through your start up and growth journey offering practical support, networks and connections. They will act as a critical friend and help you to understand and navigate the complex landscape of options available to you. They can also offer insights into what funding and finance is available locally and nationally.


We offer a range of events and workshops on key growth topics and skills such as marketing, branding, customer journey, strategy, planning and sales, as well as network building opportunities with peer-to-peer sessions and inspirational events.


The AD:VENTURE growth grant is available between £1,500 – £10,000 to support with capital expenditure for growth projects. Growth grants are match funded (meaning the business must match the contribution and have the funding in place to claim it back after the project expenditure is made).


AD:VENTURE  | Tel: 0113 5351199 | Email:  adventure@leeds.gov.uk | Eligibility Criteria |Register


AD:VENTURE is funded West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Partners.