Member Pledge & Code of Conduct

As a We Are Wakefield member, we ask you to honour and uphold the values and follow the We Are Wakefield Member Pledge and Code of Conduct. We ask you to recognise the importance of contributing to and benefiting from this collaborative and supportive business community.

Our values are:

  • Respect each other
  • Build open and honest relationships
  • Foster collaboration
  • Conduct business with integrity
  • Care about our community and environment
  • Celebrate our successes

We Are Wakefield Member Pledge

  1. Supporting Local Growth: Members should actively engage in opportunities provided by We Are Wakefield to connect with other local businesses and organisations across various sectors.


  1. Building Connections: Members should strive to connect business with education, local authority, culture, and charitable/community organisations, fostering a network that contributes to the growth of our local economy.


  1. Attending and Participating: Members should attend monthly networking events organised by We Are Wakefield Ltd, understanding that these events are crucial for expanding business connections and discovering new opportunities.


  1. Contributing to the Community: Members should try to actively participate in social events, including workshops, WAW Quiz Nights, and other events throughout the year, recognising the importance of a vibrant and connected business community.


  1. Promoting Sustainability: Members should explore opportunities to work locally, reviewing supply chains and sourcing within the We Are Wakefield membership, contributing to the sustainability and well-being of our local community.


  1. Sharing Knowledge and Challenges: Members should actively contribute to the collaborative spirit of We Are Wakefield by sharing challenges, knowledge, and best practices with fellow members. They should understand the importance of supporting each other to work locally and sustainably.


  1. Utilising Member Resources: Members should take advantage of the resources provided by We Are Wakefield, including pop-up stands at events, the Member E-Newsletter, and the opportunity to submit content for sharing member-to-member offers, good news stories, and collaboration opportunities.

Code of Conduct

Members will display a positive and supporting attitude to fellow members and guests at WAW events. There will be members from the same business sector in the room at the events.  Regardless of this we expect all competitors to behave respectfully towards each other and when engaging in conversations with other members that may refer to competitors. We Are Wakefield Ltd reserves the right to ask any member not adhering to this to leave the event.

Disputes or disagreements between members; sometimes, business relationships don’t work out. In the event of a dispute between members, We Are Wakefield Ltd, or its employees are not in a position to mediate, and disputes should not be brought into conversation at WAW events. We encourage members to resolve any issues directly between themselves.

In the event of a serious breach of the Code of Conduct the We Are Wakefield Ltd Board of Directors reserve the right to withdraw membership.


Issue Number: COC001
Date: 18-06-2024