Welcome to the home of the We are Wakefield Podcast, hosted by We Are Wakefield Managing Director, Claire Sutherley.

The purpose of the podcast is to showcase businesses that are part of the WAW community as well as communicating business support and useful information. The We Are Wakefield Podcast is produced by Wowvi Video.


You can also access the Rhubarb Radio We Are Wakefield Showcase where Dave Adams speaks to Claire about WAW members, collaborations and events.

Episode 1: We are joined by two of our valued members and Board Members, Helen McDonald, General Manager at Solupak Ltd and Ben Dews, Managing Director at Stada Media. In this episode, we hear more about each business and its journey to where it is today; we also talk more personally about Helen and Ben’s journey to where they are today. Plus, they collaborated on a fascinating project by joining We Are Wakefield!

Episode 2:  We meet Rachel Smith of Clutter is the Enemy and Claire Roberts of Rutley Clark Unique Homes. We explore the challenges faced by two businesses that were born during the COVID19 pandemic.  Rachel and Claire discuss property, mindsets and how they’ve collaborated to great effect.

Episode 3:  We meet Claire Pedley, Co-Founder of The Poured Project and Raph Taylor, Employability Manager & Careers Lead at Camphill Wakefield.  We discuss both unique journeys and how they resulted in the perfect collaboration.

Episode 4:  We are joined by Jonny Parkinson, General Manager of Elis, and David Masters, Group Chair of OE Electrics.  We hear about their individual journeys: using gates as goal posts and why education doesn’t have to happen in your teens.

We talk about why both these large businesses stay in Wakefield, aspirations for the future and the sustainability legacy we’re leaving behind for future generations.

Episode 5:  In Episode 5 we are joined by Adrian Spawforth, Managing Director of Spawforths and Mark Lynam, Corporate Director for Regeneration and  Economic Growth at Wakefield Council.

We talk about the past, present and future of the Wakefield District and how the two organisations plan how we work, live and play.  What can we expect to see happen in the near future and how did this all come about? What’s happening in Wakefield and Castleford?  How are we supporting communities that are still suffering from economic deprivation dating back to the loss of the mining industry? Should we be looking to Europe for inspiration to reform how we live?
A great conversation with two very influential people within our District.

Episode 6:  In Episode 6 we are joined by Peter Molyneux, Estate Director at Nostell Estate and Tony Simmonds, Director at RV2 Power.

We talk about career pathways, art collections and Glastonbury, passion projects including The Great Yorkshire show and winning and judging the Wakefield Business Awards.  We cover negative networking and the power of community.

Conversation leads to mental health and dog walking and some wonderful “Top Tips for 23”.

A wonderful conversation from two of our fantastic WAW members.

Episode 7: In Episode 7 we are joined by Louise Turner, Founder of Wordsmiths Unlimited & Awards Writers, Co-Founder of the Wakefield Business Awards and Multi-Award winning presenter and journalist, Christine Talbot.

We talk everything business awards from writing a successful entry to how to keep the attention of the room at the event itself.

Conversation leads to why Wakefield should be celebrated, how a familiar TV face gave comfort through COVID and how to find that Midlife Magic.

Hear Louise and Christine’s “Top Tip for 23” and get to know a little bit more about these two inspirational women.

Episode 8: In Episode 8 we are joined by Katie Hopkins, Head of Communications at Tileyard North and Dan Smith, Managing Director of DSM Productions.

We talk about the rise of Tileyard North based on its sister-site at Kings Cross and DSM’s views on the challenges faced by the events industry.

Conversation leads to how these two businesses collaborate to create some exciting new events never seen by Wakefield audiences before!

Hear Katie and Dan’s Top Tips for 24.

Episode 9: In Episode 9, we are joined by Simon Banks, facilitator of The Alternative Board (TAB) Wakefield District and Nick Johnston-Davis co-founder of Unstoppabl.

In this powerful conversation we discuss how to achieve maximum performance in your business and personal life and how wellbeing builds the foundations of success.

Host & WAW MD Claire Sutherley explains how the support from these individuals has changed her life and credits Nick with saving her son’s life.

Simon and Nick share their top tips for 24.

Episode 10: Get ready for an inspiring conversation! We’re joined by Claire Tolley, Founder of Cridling Ltd, and Lauren Richardson, Trade Mark Attorney for HGF Ltd.

From Kombucha to Trade Marks:

  • Discover how a health drink business was born out of personal need. Kombucha enthusiasts, this one’s for you!
  • Dive into the world of brand protection. Why safeguarding your business matters more than ever.

Journeys of Resilience:

  • Claire and Lauren share their unconventional paths. Brace yourself for candid stories and remarkable outcomes.
  • Family obstacles? They’ve faced them head-on. Their resilience will leave you inspired.

Top Tips for 24:

  • Tune in to catch their expert advice.

Episode 11: We are joined by Ali Carruthers-Illingwoth, Co-Founder of Purple Pebble People Ltd and Sarah Henry Founder of Sarah Henry Safeguarding Ltd.

Navigating Loss: A Journey of Resilience and Transformation

In this poignant episode, we delve into the profound impact of personal tragedy—the loss of a child. Our guests share how this heart-wrenching experience has shaped their identities, influenced their life paths, and even steered their career trajectory.

Key Themes:
  • Grief’s Ripple Effect: We explore how grief reverberates through our lives, affecting relationships, perspectives, and daily choices.
  • From Pain to Purpose: Discover how our guests have harnessed their pain to empower others. Through coaching and leadership, they offer solace, understanding, and unwavering strength.
Tissues at the ready — this conversation is raw, real, and ultimately uplifting. Join us as we honour resilience, vulnerability, and the human spirit.

The We Are Wakefield Showcase with Rhubarb Radio

Dave Adams chats to the WAW team and WAW members in the We Are Wakefield Showcase – catch up here:

The WAW Ambassador Showcase with Rhubarb Radio.  For the June 2024 showcase Claire and Dave are joined by Clare Thornton, Managing Director of Thornton Jones Solicitors and Peter Molyneux, Estate Director at The Nostell Estate.

The WAW Ambassador Showcase with Rhubarb Radio.  For the May 2024 showcase Claire and Dave are joined by Helen McDonald, Managing Director of Solupak Ltd and Kelly Smith, Director at Juice Personnel.