⭐Welcome to We Are Wakefield Claire Tolley of Cridling Ltd⭐

Named after Cridling Park, a tiny hamlet on the edge of Knottingley, Cridling Kombucha is Wakefield’s premier kombucha producer.

Cridling is a fresh, live kombucha made with 100% natural ingredients. Fermented in the midst of natural surroundings, Cridling is produced with nature and sustainability at its foundations.

Cridling kombucha is available in two ranges, the New Traditional Brew and the Premium Honey Range. Both are naturally low in calories and are fermented to their optimum potential, maximising the amount of gut friendly cultures, Polyphenols, antioxidants,  B-vitamins and enzymes. Cridling is rich in compounds that are pre-biotic, pro-biotic and post-biotic, have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, boosts immunity, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, .

At a time when gut health is a very hot topic, where more and more research is proving it’s correlation with brain health, heart health, immunity and hormone balance, why not try drinking Cridling kombucha and see how you feel.