11: Episode 11 – Purple Pebble People and Sarah Henry Safeguarding

In Episode 11, we are joined by Ali Carruthers-Illingwoth, Co-Founder of Purple Pebble People Ltd and Sarah Henry Founder of Sarah Henry Safeguarding Ltd.

Navigating Loss: A Journey of Resilience and Transformation 

In this poignant episode, we delve into the profound impact of personal tragedy—the loss of a child. Our guests share how this heart-wrenching experience has shaped their identities, influenced their life paths, and even steered their career trajectory.

Key Themes:

  • Grief’s Ripple Effect: We explore how grief reverberates through our lives, affecting relationships, perspectives, and daily choices.
  • From Pain to Purpose: Discover how our guests have harnessed their pain to empower others. Through coaching and leadership, they offer solace, understanding, and unwavering strength.

Tissues at the ready—this conversation is raw, real, and ultimately uplifting. Join us as we honor resilience, vulnerability, and the human spirit.