Celebrating Growth and Collaboration: We Are Wakefield Ambassador Dinner

Celebrating Growth and Collaboration: We Are Wakefield Ambassador Dinner


We recently hosted the We Are Wakefield Ambassador Dinner, a gathering that served as a heartfelt thank-you to the eight existing Ambassadors for their unwavering support and investment in the organisation. This event also marked an exciting milestone as we proudly welcomed two new esteemed Ambassadors into our fold for 2024: Nostell Estate and Vision IFAs. We Are Wakefield Chair, Sir Rodney Walker, and the Managing Director, Claire Sutherley DL, expressed their gratitude to the Ambassadors for their invaluable contributions. The event was held at Create Cafe with Head Chef, Shaun Mounsey, serving a beautiful menu to our esteemed guests.


A Closer Look at Our Ambassadors:


We Are Wakefield takes strength from the support of our dedicated Ambassadors. These forward-thinking organisations have demonstrated their commitment to the Wakefield District through their partnership with us. Our existing Ambassadors include:


  1. Elis
  2. Juice Personnel
  3. Solupak
  4. OE Electrics
  5. Thornton Jones Solicitors
  6. Prosper Wakefield District
  7. RV2 Power Ltd
  8. Quest Waste Management


Each of these companies and organisations has played a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and development within the Wakefield District.


New Additions to Our Ambassadors:


We are thrilled to welcome Nostell Estate and Vision IFAs to the We Are Wakefield family. Their expertise and dedication to the local community will undoubtedly amplify our collective impact in the region.


  1. Nostell Estate: With a rich heritage and a dedication to building a supportive business community of their own through high end office space within the grounds of Nostell Priory, they bring a unique perspective to our mission. Estate Director, Peter Molyneux also serves on the We Are Wakefield Board as Treasurer.


  1. Vision IFAs: As a financial advisory firm deeply rooted in Wakefield, Vision IFAs will undoubtedly bring invaluable insights and support to our endeavours.


The Impact of Ambassador Support:


The generosity and commitment of our Ambassadors have enabled We Are Wakefield to provide support to over 200 member businesses, a wide range of organisations in the VCSE sector, cultural entities, local authority, and educational institutions. This network encourages collaboration across the Wakefield District, fortifying the local economy and creating a thriving environment for businesses and communities alike.


Key Moments from the Evening:


The Ambassador Dinner was an evening of celebration and reflection, where like-minded individuals and organisations came together to commemorate our collective achievements. WAW Chair, Sir Rodney Walker and Managing Director, Claire Sutherley DL took the stage to express their heartfelt thanks to the Ambassadors for their significant contributions.

Claire Sutherley expressed her thanks, “As we reflect on the impact we have made, it becomes clear that it transcends mere statistics. It touches the very essence of our community, influencing not only business growth but also nurturing the vital VSCE sector. Moreover, the peer support system we have cultivated has become a cornerstone of well-being for each and every member.

Your involvement has transcended mere professional connections; it has blossomed into friendships that I hold very dear.”



Looking Ahead:


As We Are Wakefield continues to grow, we anticipate even greater opportunities for collaboration and community impact. With the support of our Ambassadors, we are confident in our ability to drive positive change in the Wakefield District.


In conclusion, the We Are Wakefield Ambassador Dinner was a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision. With existing Ambassadors by our side and new ones joining the ranks, we are poised for even greater accomplishments in the future. Together, we are strengthening the local economy and creating a vibrant, prosperous Wakefield District for all.

Photography: Kraft Photography Services

Venue, food and service: Create Cafe

Table styling: Meraki Floral Styling, Nostell Estate, Wakefield