Community Foundation Wakefield District win The Hickory’s WAW Quiz night!

🌟 We Are Wakefield Quiz Night: A Night of Trivia and Triumph! 🎉

On Tuesday, 30th April, the vibrant community of Wakefield gathered at Hickory’s Smokehouse in Horbury for an exhilarating evening—the We Are Wakefield Quiz Night. Teams from various sectors came together to test their knowledge, compete, eat great food and, of course, have a blast!

The Highlights:

Champion Team:

A massive congratulations to the Community Foundation Wakefield District team! They clinched victory, taking home the coveted trophy and a thrilling £100 Hickory’s Experience. 🏆🔥

Brain-Teasing Rounds:

The competition was fierce! Five rounds of tough questions spanned a variety of subjects—history, pop culture, science, and more. Minds were put to the test, and the energy in the room was electric.

Best Team Name:

Kudos to the Linley & Simpson team for their creative flair! Their team name, “Winner Winner Smokehouse Dinner,” won hearts, laughs and best team name prize. 🍽️🎤

Interim Round Victories:

Wowvi Video, Millennium Support and the We Are Wakefield mixed team secured interim round wins, showcasing their diverse expertise.

Outside In Management aced round 3, while Purple Pebble People & Mint HR combined forces to conquer Round 2.

Collaboration and Camaraderie:

Juice personnel and Travel Counsellors joined forces for an epic showdown in round 5. The spirit of collaboration was alive and well!

The Lambrini Losers taking home a magnum of the finest Italian wine were the combined efforts of Judy Parsons LinkedIn Training, Fiona of Get Ahead VA and Claire & Callum from Prosura!

The Takeaway:

The We Are Wakefield Quiz Night wasn’t just about trivia; it was about building connections, celebrating knowledge, and having a fantastic time. As we raise our glasses to the winning team, we also toast to the camaraderie that makes our community thrive.

Until the next quiz adventure—stay curious, stay connected! 🌐🤝