Meet Chris Lord – The Virtual IT Director


Launched in Wakefield in January 2023, The Virtual IT Director is Chris Lord’s dedicated and passionate initiative stemming from 20 years in the IT sector. With an accounting background and nearly a decade of directorial experience, Chris has a unique perspective that bridges both technology and business acumen. Its goal is simple: to change how businesses and charities use and benefit from technology. Even though the venture is new, Chris’s commitment to enhancing IT operations for various organisations is already making a difference.


As the driving force behind The Virtual IT Director, Chris helps businesses and charities reduce their IT costs. In today’s world, where online threats are everywhere, Chris serves as a protective guide, helping organisations grow and use technology safely and effectively. From giving valuable advice, managing projects with different vendors, to comparing quotes without bias, Chris strives to be a trusted partner in the complex world of technology.


A key feature of The Virtual IT Director is its focus on honesty. Chris doesn’t sell hardware, software, or any IT products. This ensures that every piece of advice Chris gives is based only on what’s best for his clients. He offers his time and expertise, showing his commitment to giving a clear and unbiased view on all tech-related matters. While he doesn’t provide IT support, Chris’s main goal remains; preparing organisations to thrive in the tech world.


Customer service is at the heart of The Virtual IT Director. Chris knows that in the tech world, trust is everything. Every conversation, every piece of advice, is given with honesty and a genuine desire to see his clients succeed.


Joining We Are Wakefield, Chris is excited to work with others, share knowledge, and add to the growth and success of Wakefield’s business community. The journey for The Virtual IT Director has just started, but the goal is clear – to be the go-to tech advisor for businesses and charities navigating the world of IT.


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