Meet Helen Byram, founder of Buzz Safety Consultants Ltd

Meet Helen Byram, health and safety consultant and founder of Buzz Safety Consultants Ltd.  Buzz Safety Consultants is a health and safety consultancy with a real zest for working with environmental and outdoor businesses and charities, ethical businesses, local SMEs and any organisation wanting to work towards becoming a more sustainable businesses.


Helen is keen to help businesses to understand that health and safety is a key element of a sustainable business. Health and safety management is not just about legal compliance; if implemented with a genuine desire to improve health and safety practices and led with honesty and integrity from the top; health and safety can play a leading role in the sustainability and profitability of an organisation. Positive health and safety management can help to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees, reduce business costs, increase retention rates, improve reputation and attract investors and customers, reduce downtime, improve relations between management and employees, reduce the potential for accidents and the associated costs, reduce the potential for enforcements by regulators –  the reasons go on and on!


Helen is a chartered health and safety professional and have worked in the field of health and safety for over 23 years. She has a very broad background, working with social services, schools and educational establishments, charities, the Canal and Rivers Trust, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, environmental and ecological consultancies and local authorities.  Her values and that of the business are Authenticity, Meaningful Work, Honesty, Community and Family and she tries to incorporate these values into all of the activities both personally and in the business. Helen would be more than happy to chat with any organisation that would like to discuss the health and safety arrangements of their business and is very much looking forward to meeting other businesses and developing positive and mutually beneficial relationships to help everyone to flourish.