Meet Natalie “The Wellness Mentor”

Meet Natalie, a dedicated Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach on a mission to empower women to prioritize their well-being over societal body standards.

Natalie embarked on her own transformative journey when she realized that conventional weight loss methods weren’t contributing to her happiness. Her life used to revolve around diets, intense workouts, and her weight, a realisation that resonated with many of her personal training clients.

In the past decade, Natalie has passionately delved into topics like diet culture, mindset, nutrition, and holistic health, crafting a lifestyle that emphasizes a well-rounded approach to overall health and wellness.

Over the last four years, she has extended her expertise through both online and in person coaching services, offering free walks, fitness classes, small group PT sessions, and personalized one-on-one training in Altofts and Wakefield. For those beyond these locations, Natalie provides dedicated 1-1 online coaching.

Natalie’s mission is clear: liberate women from the restrictive diet mindset, so they can live a lifestyle aligned with their individual goals.

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