February’s Collaboration Winners! George Riley of Tileyard North and Ian Wallace of IWTC

Celebrating Tileyard North & Ian Wallace Podcast Winning Collaboration

Ian Wallace, IWTC Ltd & Counselling Wakefield:

For the past 27 years I have been a self-employed Counsellor, Trainer, Supervisor and Business coach and I joined WAW from its conception. As a member of WAW my company is registered as IWTC ltd, but I also own Counselling Wakefield, and deliver the work we do from our offices in Horbury. We work with both individuals and companies to deliver Counselling and well-being packages to employers in the area. I also specialise in helping to smooth the transition of change in organisations and cope with conflict in the workforce.

I attended the WAW event at Tileyard North in July 2023, I met the Tileyard studio team, and had a tour of the podcast studio. I had been keen to share my considerable experience in the counselling field via a podcast project, and having met the team at Tileyard North, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch this new venture. I discussed my podcast idea with George Riley, studio manager at Tileyard North, and “The Messed-Up Counsellor” podcast was born.

George and his colleagues at Tileyard use their expertise and advice to help me to produce the podcast. They advise on the content and delivery, they take care of editing and distribution, and they developed a logo and branding.  I couldn’t have done it without them, and highly recommend them to anyone thinking of producing a podcast, any promotional content, or of any kind of recording. The facilities at Tileyard North are second to none, the staff are experienced and helpful, and it has been a pleasure launching my new podcast venture with Tileyard Norths help and guidance.


George Riley, Tieyard North:

Having met Ian at the WAW networking event at Tileyard North, Ian and I discussed his idea to launch a podcast, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for The Tileyard North Studios team to produce a podcast with Ian. It has been a pleasure working with Ian to develop his ideas, help with branding, a logo and a production, release, and distribution schedule.

We offer a range of options with podcast production at Tileyard North: Many of our clients simply hire the studio and an engineer, and deal with the overall production themselves, but we also offer full consultation and production services, and it has been a great opportunity for some of our team to garner more production experience working with Ian.

“The Messed-Up Counsellor” is a valuable and helpful free resource for people to use to help them navigate the modern world, and it has been a satisfying creative endeavour helping Ian bring his idea to fruition. I am grateful to Ian for his trust in the Tileyard North Team, he has been a pleasure to work with. We have been discussing recording his many books as audiobooks, another service we offer at Tileyard North, and I am looking forward to developing further ways that we can work together in future.


George & Ian win tickets to see Featherstone Rovers RLFC demonstrate how collaboration is key on the rugby field!


The Podcast can be found at https://linktr.ee/themessedupcounsellor