Please welcome Phil from IMS Business Solutions to the We Are Wakefield Family!


With a passion for simplicity Phil Heath has created a straightforward approach to management systems.

From the original ‘One-page’ Management system Phil has created a unique Excel based integrated management system which has been successfully certified by several different certification bodies.

His clients have expressed how simple this system is and how much their business has changed by reducing documentation and simplifying their approach to certification.

What will you gain from working with Phil?

With his help, achieving standards and certifications will give you more than just a pretty logo for your letterhead. This is a real chance to identify your business processes and create an effective management system to help run it.

More importantly Phil understands the benefits that standards can bring to your business. If implemented correctly, standards will result in your business operating more efficiently and effectively and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

Based on the principles of Annex SL, Phil, and IMS Business Solutions Ltd have produced an easy to use and cost-effective way to implement your management system with the ability to add new standards in the future. Contact Phil for further details and a quote.


IMS Business Solutions Ltd – Phil Heath