WAW Ambassador News –  Solupak renew for 2024! 


We’re thrilled to announce that Solupak, manufacturers and innovators in water soluble systems, have renewed as We Are Wakefield Ambassadors for 2024.

Through local warehousing and distribution they maintain low carbon manufacturing in the UK. On-site blending of powders and in-house built sachet production machinery gives customers high speed output. They focus on ensuring that throughout all manufacturing, testing, formulation and packaging processes they maintain a small carbon footprint (using recyclable packaging and re-usable bottles), whilst producing a product which is cruelty free. The user has a low risk of chemical contact, minimal manual handling and easy to use cleaning products. Both the sachet and dilution colour is coded to BICSc. Because it is super concentrated, there is no added costs for shipping water around the country and very little space is required for storage.

The journey of soluCLEAN is one of many twists; 9 years ago the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco’ were treated with much less vigour and importance as they are now. soluCLEAN was the first single use plastic free cleaning brand In the commercial cleaning sector… the market place today compared to that of 8 years ago has progressed to having the environment at the forefront. The SoluCLEAN range is an eco-friendly and easy to use range of pre-dosed, concentrated surface cleaning products, encapsulated in fully water-soluble sachets. Covering virtually every aspect of the everyday cleaning needs for today’s demanding professional, saving money, time and waste without compromising on high standards of cleanliness and infection prevention.

“The past 12 months of our membership as We Are Wakefield Ambassadors have been incredibly rewarding for Solupak. This journey has not only provided us with numerous opportunities to enhance our visibility within Wakefield and beyond but has also allowed us to realise the significant positive impact that collaborating with our local business community can have. As a company with a reach extending across the UK and globally, our initial underestimation of the benefits of engaging with our local community has been surpassed. Joining the Ambassador’s club was an easy decision, and the proven return on investment has reinforced our commitment to actively participate, fostering mutual benefits for both ourselves and our fellow members.

We are particularly proud to announce that Solupak will continue our We Are Wakefield Ambassadorship into 2024. As a united team, we recognise the value of sustaining and expanding our involvement in WAW. We eagerly anticipate participating in the many outstanding events that lie ahead, strengthening our connections and contributing to the thriving local business ecosystem.”

Helen McDonald, General Manager


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A huge thank you to Solupak for their continued dedication to community, collaboration, and excellence.