Welcome new members, Disability Sport Yorkshire

Please welcome Disability Sport Yorkshire (DSY) to the WAW family.

Disability Sport Yorkshire, legally known as the Federation of Disability Sports Organisations, was established in 1993. This organisation brought together four existing regional disability sports organisations under one umbrella. The primary mission of DSY is to address the inequality in access to sport for disabled people.

Over the years, DSY has worked tirelessly to engage disabled individuals in physical activity and enable their participation in sports at various levels. Whether it’s local settings or regional, national, and international competitions, DSY strives to create opportunities for disabled athletes. In 2014, they established their operational base in Wakefield, where they are developing the Denhale Active Recreation Centre as a centre of excellence for disability sport in Yorkshire. Their vision includes making Yorkshire the best place in England for disabled people to improve their well-being through physical activity, play sports regularly, and even become sporting champions.

As a regional organisation, DSY collaborates with leisure and sports providers to promote and deliver physical activity for disabled children and adults. Their commitment to enhancing health and well-being ensures that participants have the best possible experience. Additionally, DSY provides information, guidance, and training courses to empower disabled individuals and strengthen their voice in the sporting community.

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